CMS’s Media , Advertising . Event and experiential Courses aims to enrich students with all the spheres concerning the Media industry, Advertising industry, Public relations, Outdoor, Radio TV and events which are dynamic, fast, and ever-evolving. This course is designed to explore the various aspects involved in event management and marketing such as budgeting, scheduling, design, risk management, and balancing the needs of the client, vendors, and attendees. It gives practical training necessary for business development in the event space, client servicing, sponsorship, sales, event design, budgeting and operations management etc .This will help the necessitating professionals to be ready and prepared at all times. Large growth of OTT platforms and their consumption has led to an extensive demand for professionals in various departments of the media world. CMS imparts 60:40 ratios where 60% of the syllabus is on-field practical learning which will help the students in being industry-ready well before entering it. Working on-field is a part of CMS’s media and advertising courses which helps students to opt for a full time or part-time version of this course as per one’s convenience. Our career counseling which takes place mid-way helps a student in selecting a field of his or her choice. Working in that particular field during the end of the course gears up the student to directly make his or her way into the desired field and employer. This solution saves time for both, the students as well as prospective employers.

You demand the course, we design it.