Specialized courses at CMS academy are field-centric specially formulated versions of general courses such as Human Resources, 2D and 3D animation and content development and strategy. Get to learn how these areas work in media-specific work environments, which differ from regular corporate-style work environments. Specialized courses in specific fields will help one in gaining knowledge and excel in them, keeping the standards and requirements of the Media industry in prime focus. CMS academy focuses primarily on imparting education through practical learning. CMS’s golden 60:40 ratio ensures that students learn 60% of the syllabus via on-field practical learning, and the rest 40% through classroom learning. Working on-site during the latter half of the course duration helps one in gaining exposure and experience before attaining the certification. Our career counseling which takes place mid-way helps students select a field of his or her choice. Working in that particular field during the end of the course gears up the student to directly make his or her way into the desired field and employer. This solution saves time for both, the students as well as prospective employers.

1. Diploma in Graphics & animations

Duration : 11 months

2. Diploma in Human Resource & Administration

Duration : 11 months

3. Diploma in Audio Producation & Sound design

Duration : 11 Months