Top new age courses to look forward to in 2020

In recent times, the media industry has seen a boom, and along with it, many new age courses are gaining a boost. Sometimes, the current career path may get monotonous, and one might feel like changing one’s career path to something new and exciting. If you plan to take up a new career course ahead, then here are the top new courses to look forward in 2020.

1. Digital Marketing Course

The large growth of e-commerce companies, online start-ups and businesses have led to a huge competition in the online market space for visibility and ranking. Digital marketing helps businesses compete with each other in the online market space, through SEO, Content marketing, Social media management, e-mail marketing, SEM, and other methods. One can choose a field of specialization amongst many, which he or she will get to learn via a digital marketing course.

2. Event Management Course

The number of events in India have been on a constant rise, with international pop stars and DJs paying us visits more often. The recent increase in the number of event management colleges have indicated a boom in the industry due to the rise in demand for trained professionals. If you have a zest for teamwork, management of crowd, task execution, and the glamour which comes with the event management industry, then you can pursue an event management course to gain expertise in this field.

3. Record production Course

If you are one with a passion for music and a zeal to create art, a music production course will help you turn your creative side into a money making career. Learning the technical know-how to arrange cords, mix vocals, create beats, and form a track would help one give direction and substance to their creative vision. By learning music production, you gain career opportunities in the fields of Disc Jockeying, Record production and sound effects.

4. Grooming and Styling Course

Rise of social media and fitness have given much importance to the way people groom and maintain themselves. A grooming, styling or a makeup course will help one in learning how to groom themselves or in forming a career. Stylists and make-up artists are always in demand in the media industry, and if you find interest in making others look and feel good, go ahead and take up a grooming course!

5. Graphics and Animation Course

Graphics and animation artists are in demand due to the rise of digital marketing and the media industry. Advertising agencies and production houses always require graphics designers and animation artists who can shape the visual aspects of their projects. If you have a creative side and love creating amazing visuals, then a Graphics and Animation course will open many doors of opportunities in digital arts. New age careers are more skill, creative and individual-based, and the growing demand for skilled professionals make them even more lucrative. If you find yourself interested in a new creative career, then go ahead, try something different and exciting!